Toke Makinwa Breaks Down Her Opinion On WhatsApp Calls And Transactional Relationships


Is it that Toke Makinwa has a special skill for stirring Nigerians up or we are just prone to getting roused at every dicey relationship discussions? Well, the media personality and vlogger is always trending on social media and its for no other reason than her regular vlog where she talks about love, sex and relationships.However, Toke’s opinion on preferring when men actually make telephone calls than WhatsApp calls and texting has managed to piss off people again. The on-air-personality did state it was her personal opinion and not a rule of thumb but the mob will be the mob. Half of the mob are calling for head and the other half are in support of what she said.Toke Makinwa has a right to free speech so this is not about what she said. The important thing about her statement is that it reinforces the transactional relationship culture in Nigeria.

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