When it comes to wedding receptions, every couple(bride) wants to makes sure the party becomes the talk of the town for a period of time before the echoes finally fade. Definitely, certain wedding parties have met up to the expectation of couples and guests. But, this happens majorly when the party has the regular glam.

So, here are a few unregular ‘should-haves’ at your wedding reception:
1. Kiddies Snacks Corner: Not everyone loves to have kids at their wedding parties, but then close friends and family would definitely bring their children, and children mostly deal with easy food and snacks. So, having a table or little space where children can find snacks to munch on isn’t such a bad idea.

2. Table For Bride’s Friends And Groom’s Friends: We all have that one friend, or even two that have been single since forever. Having a table that brings together the bride’s friends and the groom’s friends might lead to more wedding receptions that need to be attended.

3. You And Your Significant Other Should Sing Your Favourite Love Song: There’s this love song that you and your partner both find fascinating, and when it comes on, you seem to connect in another world. You can both decide to sing this song at your reception; if one of you needs a voice training or voice surgery, go for it before the d-day.

4. Play A Video Of The Treasurable Memories You’ve Had Together: Apart from the gallery of memories you both have on social media, you can make a video of the treasurable memories you’ve had even from your first date, then play it at your wedding reception: This would fill the atmosphere of your party with beautiful emotions.

5. Give Out Hangover Kit To Your Guests: If not all of your guests, some of them would take large quantity of liquor. You can help them make it easy by giving out SOS hangover kit.

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