Fears Of Civil War As 450,000 Catalans Separatists Protests Spain’s Plan Of Direct Rule


Ten of thousand of protesters marched through the streets of Barcelona today sparking fears of a civil war, after Spain’s prime minister requested special powers to impose direct rule on Catalonia.

As the region’s president was threatened with arrest he declared it the “worst attack on Catalonia” since military dictator Francisco Franco in a passionate speech to the crowds.Police said that 450,000 people had joined the pro-independence Catalans demonstrators who gathered in the Spanish city to protest against Mariano Rajoy – after a dramatic press conference. The crowds waved Catalan separatist flags as they marched against the decision, and the imprisonment of civil society leaders Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, both leading figures in the October 1 referendum.Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont gave a speech after joining the afternoon protest, saying in a mix of Catalan, Spanish and English: “[The Spanish government has waged] the worst attack on institutions and Catalan people since the decrees of military dictator Francisco Franco abolishing the Catalan government. I ask the parliament to meet in a plenary session during which we, the representatives of the citizens’ sovereignty, will be able to decide over this attempt to liquidate our government and our democracy and act in consequence.”Photo Credit: Getty


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