How Are The Mighty Fallen: Italy Crash Out Of World Cup For The First Time Ever

By Joshua Adeoti

It saddening to remember that at least 50% of these Italian legends ruled the football globe in the 2006 world-cup. They were the only possible rivals that could halt the German machines. Their virtuoso performance earned them the name “the Italian demons”. They were rude, crude and brutal. They pierced the heart and soul of any football team that stood in their way.
Indeed they are now a true shadow of their former-selves as the legendary Gianlugi Buffon, Andrea Barzagli and Daniel De Rossi hanged their international boots in utter-shame after they were held to a 0-0 draw against an inferior Swedish team.
Their great fall began immediately after Alessandro Del Piero, Gennaro Gattuso and Alessandro Nesta hanged their boots after the world-cup glory. The Italians began to wobble in almost every competition, as they suffered humiliating defeats in almost all their Euro and World-cup matches. Their closest hope of a return to top global football was dashed when their “invincible” Antonio Conte resigned from the Senior team coach position after their impossible performance in Euro 2016.
As it stands now, the one-time global football leaders, have no reliable star player they can call upon in times of need. The closest man to Del Piero, in their attack is Shandong Luneng’s substitute striker, Graziono Pelle. Their best mid-fielder, Marco Verrati, is more likely to go on a long-term injury than he is to make a stand-up performance for the team. Their defensive line-up is an appalling combination of average players.
Unless they can lay their hands on Conte again, the former international giants can only hope to drift far further from top football position they once commanded with great power.
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