Makeup Trends: Beautiful Freckles Might Not Be A Bad Idea After All


It’s so amazing how freckles seem to be reigning these days, with beauticians making it all difficult to differentiate the real ones from the artistically planted ones. Freckles from generations past comes as a beauty defect but now, KOKOnistas who do not have it naturally go all out to get these beautiful dots on their faces artificially.Gone are those days when people see freckles as a skin-irritation, now its totally different as most people see it as stunning dots which help in enhancing one’s beauty. As if thats not enough, makeup artists now adopt this trend so as to add more flavour to their makeup skills.Models now wear them on runways and celebrities boldly rock them to perform. We are going the leave of beauty love who believe that freckles are beautiful and freckles are stunning..Photo Credit: Getty

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