KOKOnista Of The Day: Subomi Salami And Her Fashion Musings

By Tobi Awolola

Subomi Salami went into Covenant University for lessons in Economics degree but she most likely never thought that she would discover her flair for passion while inside its walls. The budding fashion blogger has been steadily growing her fashion base with style watchers around the country and it is not hard to see why.Sharing her fashion thoughts primarily via her Fashion Musings blog, Subomi loves to express herself via her personal style. She is inspired by a whole bunch of things – music, makeup, art, photography and so on. The blog is a personal diary of “stuff” as she likes to refer to it and not necessarily focusing on fashion, but that is just her trying o be modest.Subomi enjoys travelling which lends her seeing the world from a modish perspective. She is also a self proclaimed creative as she loves to do things her own way and this shows in how she expresses herself on a daily basis. See more of her inspiring looks below.Photo Credit: Subomi Salami

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