KOKOnista Of The Day: Damisola Balogun’s Blooming Fashion Statements Culminates Style

By Joshua David

Our KOKOnista for today Damisola Balogun also known as Demi B is a 21-year-old industrial engineer who also ventures in fashion, travel and lifestyle blogging that shows us several new ways to stay contemporarily blooming without going overboard with it. She is the creative director behind theefflorescence.com, a platform that takes her followers and other KOKOnistas like herself into her world of traveling and style blogging as she further dishes out street style inspirations. Damisola describes her style of fashion as simply classic, minimal and chic and she believes that ‘fashion is ever-changing, everblooming, and always blossoming. It’s not a set thing, it can be whatever you want it to be, just as you can be whoever you want to be.’ Demi B also believes it is important for young women and more specifically college girls to dress well not only for herself but also to express herself in a classy way through what she wears. It is not impossible to dress classy and fashionable on a budget.Photo Credit: Damisola Balogun

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