From The Remedies ‘Shakomo’ To Daddy Showkey’s ‘Dyna,’ Here Are The Seven ’90’s Music You Should Dance To This Weekend


Anyone who grew up in Nigeria in the 1990’s will tell you that music was one of the mainstay of that era. Though the foreign influences were present, artistes at the time still came through with jaunty tunes with the requisite African feel to it. From love songs, to party bangers and even the moral-infused hits, we bring you the top hits from the season the musical revolution began.

1. In 1998, the trio of Eddy Remedy, Toni Tetuila and Eedris Abdulkareem collectively known as The Remedies started the renaissance of pop music in Nigeria. Their hit track ‘Shakomo’ was a favourite at birthday parties and even till now when this tune turns up in any DJ’s playlist, we can’t help but sing along.
2. The ghetto – Ajegunle – also had it own sound to contribute to the teeming music industry of the ’90’s in the form of Daddy Showkey. His ‘Dyna’ single was somewhat a national anthem that refused to leave the lips of the populace.
3. Love songs were not left out either as several Nigerian artistes in ’90s knew just what the ladies wanted to hear. In comes Blackie with his reggae tune in ‘Rosie.’ He definitely had the 90’s swinging along.
4. Aiming to inspire solidarity and camaraderie, Onyeka Onwenu gave us ‘One Love’ and even till date the music icon is a force to reckon with.
5. Congolese musician, Awilo Logomba was one foreign artiste who drove Nigerians wild with his hit, Coupe Bibamba. At adult gatherings and kiddies birthday parties alike, we all danced like there was no tomorrow to the French tune even though we only understood one line,” je m’appelle, como tu appelle.”
6. If you are a fan of Nigerian football in the ’90’s, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to recall Tony One Week and his popular song ‘Gyrate’ that was more or less a mantra and a celebratory tone for the Nigerian national team.
7. In a class of his own entirely, Fela Anikulapo Kuti held Nigerian’s enthralled with his eccentricity, showmanship, political radicalism and his chart topping hits. A political activist of a sort back in the days, the legendary artiste was world-renowned for his satirical use of lyrics to address ills in the society. To this day, Fela remains the King of Afrobeat even after his death in 1997. Although most of hits were from earlier years, ‘Underground System’ which he released in 1992 is no less as artistic as his preceding works .
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